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Bamberski Dwór » Preparation for colonoscopy

In pharmacy you need to buy medicine called CitraFleet (2 sachets). This medicine is for prescription so you have go to your doctor and ask him for prescription. You can also buy it in pharmacy in our building without prescription (the pharmacy is on the ground floor).




5 days before colonoscopy you can’t eat fruits containing small stones (for example grapes, kiwi, cookies with poppy seeds, wheat seeds, linseed, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc.)


One day before colonoscopy :


Examination day:

If you are taking medicines on a regular basis, take them as prescribed by your doctor, with a small amount of water. Any changes in dosage should be discussed with your doctor.


In case of taking oral medicine for diabetes – you need to stop taking this medicine 2 days before examination. You also need to take your glucometer for the examination in our clinic.


In case of taking supplements with iron – you need to stop taking them 7 days before examination.


After the examination with anesthesia you can’t ride any motor vehicles so you need to have someone who will take care about you to the rest of this day.

This person need to take you home from our clinic !